Whacky is a crazy store owner and he sells things for pranks. The store is called Pwanks-a-Million. 


Whacky gets his hair done at Bobby Pobby Banana Manna Fobbie's. His hair is spiky all over. If you touch it, you will get electricuted because when he was a kid, he rubbed his feet on the carpet for months and then his hair turned electric.


Whacky was a big and skillful prankster growing up. He was known by the whole Wobby World! He tricked everyone in Wobby world in fact, which made him so popular. He got in detention about 7 times because 7 of his pranks were really extreme. He even gained some friends doing pranks because they didn't take it so seriousley, but he did gain enemies. In fact, one of his enemies became a police officer. His name is Dezmond. He is always trying to find and arrest Whacky, but Whacky keeps stopping him with his famous pranks.


  • Why do I have to do all the work?
  • Gee, I should have put that peice of bread in the toaster.
  • Welcome to Pwanks-a-Million!
  • Why did I buy this store again?
  • Give it up already, Dezmond! I'm running out of pranks here!!