April 2, 2013 (if you are on a mobile device, slide the parts in grey from left to right)

     Hello, all! My name is Jake Moaski. btw Moaski is pronounced (Moe-Ski)

Today was sooooooo totally boring. I had to clean up the living room, the front room, and the bed room all by myself even though my little brother, Sean, put most of that stuff there. And when I say most, I mean that I just put one plastic Easter egg on the floor without cleaning it up, and Sean put the city dump in our house. Our mom said that if I don't clean that stuff up, I won't be allowed on any electronics. That is such a bummer :(.

    Sean got to go on the computer and Z Box all day. Did I mention that I wasn't allowed outside either? Well, Sean went on his bike outside, and played foot ball with Nate, and Keanu.
    When I finally cleaned up all the mess, I only had 47 seconds to go on the computer (literally), and so I decided to do something productive. I looked up on Foogle, "Material that changes color with temperature", as fast as I could. Lucky for me, by the time I got to the "L" in "color", I had a search result already. I found it, but I couldn't do any real reading. So I went straight to the contact button and typed, "Can you send me some of your produvts so ican invent some thing as an invenion of plate or canoo innent if for me and I get paid?"
    That may have sounded weird because I was rushing. I was trying to ask them if they can send me their color changing material so I can invent a color changing plate that changes color due to the temperature of your food. I hope they understand I was cleaning all day and I only had 47 seconds to look them up, wait for the page to load (I have a fast computer, so it only took like, half a second. But time is money, especially when you have only 47 seconds), and then click the contact button, type all 100 letters ( count them and you WILL get 100 letters), and click the send button.