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How It Was MadeEdit was made in 2005 by a man named Ricky Lions. Ricky one day went to find the flute of ideas. He found it, and played the magical song that his mother, Joanna Lions, taught him. The flute gave him the idea of making, a rating site.

About Probob.comEdit is the 24th most popular website in Wobby World! The website has rated many things such as Bobby Pobby Banana Manna Fobby's, Gamer's Game Hut, Tacos-a-billion, Franklin's happiness, and much, much more.

How It Got PopularEdit

There once was a 19 year old named Jacob Rilnstine. He's on the Internet ALL THE TIME. And one day, he found, and shared it on his 327 social networking accounts. He has a lot of followers, friends, subscribers and more, so the word got around quickly.

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