Franklin is a Happy-Go-Lucky 23 year old, who always finds a way to cheer up everyone's day. There is only a 0.000000000000000000000000000000000001% chance that anything can make him sad, mad, or depressed.

Why is he so Happy?Edit

One day, in 1st grade, he had a spiritual lift, that made him realize that is you spend ANY part of your life sad, you've wasted your life. He was never seen in a bad mood again.


Franklin works at Bobby Pobby Banana Manna Fobbie's, and gets paid $18,500 a year. Except for that one time when Bob, his boss, won the 500 trillion dollars but got so bored with all the money he had and gave him 20 billion dollars.

His houseEdit

Franklin's house is probably the cleanest house in Wobby World. He enjoys cleaning and pretty much every thing else. He doesn't even have a problem cleaning up a junk yard.

Best MemoryEdit

Franklin's best memory was when he won the 5 million dollar lottery. He got so happy that he was in a coma for a week! He bought himself an 80" plasma flat screen TV, a bathroom extension, and a kitchen extension.


Franklin is married to a woman named Amora who looks real fine, and is love oh so very much by him. They have lots of good times together, but not too much for them not to be special. Not to mention they kiss just a little more than your average wife and husband. (I know what you are thinking by "a little more" but seriously, I mean JUST a little more).

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